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  • Prime 120 Capsules

    Promotes thick, dense muscle
    Supraphysical strength development
    Unparalleled natural mass-building anabolic*

    Be The Biggest & Strongest At Your Gym! USPlabs Prime™ has quickly established itself as the biggest breakthrough in the history of nutritional supplementation. Pilot studies demonstrate the radical strength & permanent physique alterations USPlabs Prime™ can deliver. Users report rapid development of permanent thick, dense muscle mass & immediate strength gains. Users have noted their physique has literally "transformed before their eyes" while weight room numbers have shot through the roof!

    • Promotes permanent thick, dense muscle*
    • Unparalleled supra-physical strength developer*
    • Potent mass-building anabolic.*
    • Dynamic nutrient partitioning agent.*
    • 100% natural - absolutely no pro-hormones, pro-steroids or anabolics!*
    • Safe for all drug-tested competition!*
    • Majority of gains are permanent because hormonal levels are not effected - no crash!*

    Take 2 capsules with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try to space out as evenly as possible. Due to the extreme potency of Prime™ take 5 days on, 2 days off.

    Serving Size: 1 capsule

    Servings Per Container: 150

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